About Us

Cashew House is an eCommerce store that is 100% focused on serving the finest quality cashew nuts to customers across India. 


Our first and top most priority is the quality of our cashew nuts. We always ensure our customers get the finest quality cashews.


We don't have the cheapest priced cashew nuts. We serve superior quality cashew nuts at the right price.


We serve our customers with quality support on order management, payment query, shipment tracking, etc.

Our story

We started Cashew House with a vision of serving supreme quality cashew nuts to our customers across India. Our team of experts with vast experience in cashew nut manufacturing and processing always bring the best quality cashew nuts for each order.

Having our office in one of the top cashew hubs in India (Kollam, Kerala), we are always capable for sourcing and processing supreme quality cashew nuts at the best price.  We have state of the art facilities for cashew nut processing, sorting, packing, and shipping orders.

Cashew House Tilte